New Applications

Plaster is a high end ceiling and wall finish that can take a lot more abuse than drywall. Whether it’s new construction, additions or room-by-room remodeling, Metropolitan is your reliable plaster company you can count on to deliver fast service with exceptional results.

Horsehair Plaster

Here in New England many older homes still have original horsehair plaster on the ceilings and walls. This method of plastering faded out in the early 1920’s when wire lath was introduced. Many home owners that still have horsehair plaster will experience cracking do to general aging. In cases like this there are a variety of repair options for our clients. From skim coating to laying new dry wall over the existing horsehair plaster.

Water Damage

Pipe bursts, leaks and ice dams..We see it all the time! These repairs can be overwhelming but you can count on our knowledge and expertise to take care of your water damage, from checking for and removing mold to insulating and repairing with durable veneer plaster. We are very well known for the best plaster repairs!

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